Woman Catches TSA agent Stealing Her Cash

During the Obama Administration several incidents occurred at airports involving crooked TSA agents.

Although TSA involved theft has been reported several times during the past eight years little has been done to stop the continuation.

Recently a woman at the Orlando airport had cash stolen directly out of her bag while going through a routine pay down at the security check point.

Via Fox News:

As if airport security wasn’t stressful enough, an airline passenger in Florida has had to confront a TSA officer who tried to steal money from her luggage.

The passenger, Kathleen Duddleston, had reportedly been selected for a pat-down after entering one of the airport’s TSA checkpoints. During her screening, Duddleston says she was initially positioned in a way so that she could not see her bag. The pat-down agent moved Duddleston closer, and that’s when she noticed a separate TSA agent — later identified as 22-year-old Alexander Shae Johnson — lurking near her luggage.

Security footage from the checkpoint later determined that Johnson did indeed extract the cash from Duddleston’s bag and stuff it into his pocket.

This isn’t the first incident of the TSA stealing from the people they’re supposed to protect: In a 2012, a TSA agent at JFK International Airport was accused of stealing $5,000 from a passenger’s jacket. That same year, another former TSA employee told the New York Daily News that stealing from passengers is “very commonplace.”

In 2012, the Daily News also reported that since 2003, just under 400 TSA officers had been fired for stealing from passengers.

Being required to let someone have accesss to your belongs at airport security is for safety precautions, thanks to Obama even that is subject to criminal behavior.

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