Viral Video Showing Cop giving Homeless Man Shoes

Blue lives matter is so true and this officer shoews that cops believe all lives matter.

One outstanding police officer from Phoenix, Arizona has become a social media star after photos of him putting shoes on the feet of a homeless man went viral. Police officers often get a bad wrap but that is a false representation of men like this who put others needs above their own.

Via News I Watch:

Too many media outlets look to slam police officers for their every move. Cops have a hard job, and sometimes they have a split second to make a decision that could mean life or death for someone. Critics look to slam police at every opportunity, and stories about corruption, bad choices or even tragic encounters will be harped on for weeks or months.

If everything police officers did made the news, however, people might be shocked at the many, many good things that officers across the nation do on a daily basis. Many officers even go well above what their job description requires them to do. One officer from Phoenix, Arizona helped a homeless man recently, and a person who was there to witness it wants to make sure that the positive story gets out.

Phoenix Police Officer Mark Valenzuela responded to a call about a homeless man on Friday. The homeless man was standing outside of a gas station, and apparently, something about the man was bothering people. When Valenzuela arrived, he saw what it was.

The homeless man didn’t have shoes. If you’ve ever stood on the hot pavement in the summer in a southwestern state, you’ll know exactly how dangerous it can be to run around bare-footed.

Valenzuela got noticed when he approached the homeless man, but instead of talking to him or telling him to move along, he dropped to his knees. Raymond Celaya, an onlooker, happened to be at the gas station that day and looked on curiously.

“Officer here giving a homeless guy free shoes, brand new shoes,” said Celaya. “That just shows exactly how much our officers in Phoenix helps the community and protects the community.”

“This is a good side of the officers a lot of people don’t see. That’s why we’re out here,” said one man who got in the video.

This is why police should be respected, what they do everyday isn’t always seen but doesn’t mean it wasn’t worthy.

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