SHOCK VIDEO: Elderly Woman Slammed To The Ground, Thrown In Pool

WTF! What is wrong with American youth?

Horrific footage surfaced Sunday showing young members of the black community behaving in a horrendous manner. Although the footage doesn’t explain exactly how this event began, what it does show is an obvious disrespect for woman, elderly, animals, white people, and humans in general.

Several black teenagers decided that an elderly woman deserved to be thrown into a pool, they also decided the two small dogs she had with her deserved to be stepped on. Being unable to support the woman’s weight one black thug dropped her violently on to the floor before deciding the better option would be to drag her across the  and than throw her in.

Via Daily Caller:

A video emerged on Sunday showing a group of young people verbally and physically assaulting an elderly woman.

The woman was walking her two small dogs through what appears to be a pool party. It’s unclear what she said as she walked through the party, but chants of “Throw her in!” can be heard from the crowd.

A man then approached and picked the woman up before slipping and slamming her body to the ground. He then dragged the woman through the air while trampling her dogs and threw her into the pool.

Watch Here:

At a certain point everyone needs to understand that race has nothing to do with shitty parenting.

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