Senator John McCain refuses to Disclose McCain Institution Donations

Left leaning conservative John McCain and liberal thug George Soros are closer than the Senator would like the public to know.

Recently the McCain Institution was asked to reveal the amounts donated and the donors associated with the institute. This request was denied and the response given is that the website lists all donors who donate more than $100,000. However this information is misleading because the amount could be significantly above $100,000 and in many cases that’s exactly what occurred.

Via Young Cons:

An investigation by Daily Caller discovered that McCain’s “legacy” foundation is stuffed full of Soros cash not to mention cash from a long list of American enemies.

Daily Caller reminds readers that McCain was the big man behind the McCain-Feingold act that aimed to “reform” campaign finance rules. And yet, here is his bid deal “institute” refusing to tell the nation just who is donating to its causes.

But the McCain Institute — created in 2012 with an $8.7 million donation of funds remaining from McCain’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign — refused Monday to disclose the amounts it received from its biggest donors who gave $100,000 or more.

However, the McCain Institute declined to spell out exactly how much money each big donor contributed. The web site only lists donors who have given “$100,000 and above,” which can be misleading.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, for instance, is identified as giving $100,000 or more on the Institute’s website. In reality, the Saudis gave $1 million.

If Saudi gave $1 million how much did Soros give? More importantly why is the McCain Institution receiving donations from liberals and anti-American sources?


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