Supreme Court Reversal Gives Trump A HUGE Win Over Illegals!

Finally, things are being put into perspective.

Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. Therefore they don’t deserve the same rights as those of us who are actual Americans. This should include being able to vote, receive welfare, or sue an American when they feel they have a reason to do so. The reason may be very compelling but at the end of the day they are here illegally and wouldn’t have had the experience in question if they weren’t here in the first place.

Via USA Politics Today:

The Supreme Court this morning ruled that illegal aliens have no right to sue anybody if they feel they’ve been mistreated. In a 5-4 decision, the conservative-leaning court reminded America that illegal aliens are called illegal for a reason and therefore don’t have the same rights as American citizens.

That means if they’re arrested for being here illegally they have the right to an attorney…in their own country. They have the right to a speedy trial…in Mexico. They have the right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves…just not here.

Here they have the right to be loaded onto buses and sent back to where they belong to apply for legal citizenship like everyone else. That also means that sanctuary cities have no right to tell federal agencies that they can’t come in and collect illegals for deportation.

It’s time the liberal snowflakes figured this out once and for all: In Trump’s America, we will take care of our own. People from other countries who aren’t in immediate danger or are from a religion that wants to blow us up just aren’t welcome here.

If you want the same rights as Americans than there is something you can do, become an American the LEGAL way otherwise you have NO RIGHTS!


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