REAL Investigations: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Loretta Lynch

Biased media outlets make fake investigations and hide the real ones.

While the reports of President Trump being under investigation are completely fabricated, some real investigations have occurred regarding Democrat Hillary Clinton and Democrat Bernie Sanders, both former presidential candidates. Also under Investigation, Democrat Loretta Lynch former attorney general.

Via IJR:

For weeks, speculation and palace intrigue pointed the finger at President Donald Trump. False stories were written declaring that James Comey would declare Trump was under investigation for potential Russia connections. Those stories had to be officially corrected.

However, there are many politicians still under investigation! As of Tuesday, June 27, 2017, here is the definitive list of politicians who are and are not under investigation:

Hillary Clinton 

Formal investigations into Hillary Clinton’s actions as secretary of state have not ceased after her 2016 election loss to Donald Trump. Despite spending a majority of her campaign under FBI investigation, the probes into the inappropriate use of classified information and abuse of power have steadily grown.

Loretta Lynch

Former Obama Attorney General is now under investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee for her actions in relation to the cover-up and manipulation of the Clinton email investigation. During his under-oath testimony before the Senate, Comey accused Lynch of regularly pressuring the investigation to look favorably for Clinton.

Bernie Sanders

Both Bernie and Jane Sanders are both under federal investigation in a swirling bank fraud case. The first couple of “The Resistance” is now lawyering up to defend themselves against federal prosecution. The basic details of the case involve Jane Sanders securing multi-million dollar loan by lying about donor levels for the now-defunct Burlington College, which she was then president of.

Corrine Brown

In May of 2017, Former Florida Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted on 18 counts of fraud and tax evasion for stealing funds from a fake scholarship service to fund her own lavish lifestyle.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. The Democratic Party is corrupt on every level.


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