Pope Francis Believes America has a Destorted View, Really?

Judgement is not meant to be made by man, yet Pope Francis continues to judge America.

Ironically on Saturday Pope Francis made the statement that the US has a distorted view on the rest of the world. This is ironic due to the fact that just last week a homosexual orgy involving drugs and alcohol was discovered inside Vatican City by members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Pope Francis attacked the United States again on Saturday saying the USA has a “distorted vision” of the world.

This is the same guy who equates Christians to Islamist killers and terrorists.

CNS News reported:

Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Thursday that the United States of America—and Russia, China, North Korea and Bashar al Assad’s Syria—have “a distorted vision of the world”–(“una visione distorta del mondo,” as reportetd in Italian by La Repubblica).

“Last Thursday, I got a call from Pope Francis,” Scalfari reported. “It was about noon, and I was at the newspaper when my phone rang.”

He said the pope wanted to see him at four that afternoon, according to a Google translation of the Italian report.

“Pope Francis told me to be very concerned about the meeting of the G20,” Scalfari wrote.

“I am afraid there are very dangerous alliances between powers who have a distorted view of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Russia and Assad in the war in Syria,” the pope said.

Who really has a distorted view on what’s going on around them?

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