Paris Climate Agreement Falling Apart As Countries Can’t Keep Pledge, Obama, Gore, Lapdog Media All SILENT

The Paris Climate accord is not working out for one major country that pledged to uphold the ridiculous stipulations.

Only weeks ago Japan bashed President Trump’s decision to refrain from the Paris Climate accord that Obama had unofficially agreed to. Japan is now eating those words as the admit to the world that they are unable to comply with the reduction of greenhouse emissions that they agreed as part of the accord.

Via Daily Caller:

Japan may not be able to make the greenhouse gas emissions reductions it promised as part of the Paris climate accord just weeks after criticizing President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement.

One day after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged G20 members to work together to implement the Paris accord, Japan’s Environment Minister Kouichi Yamamoto admitted the country still planned to use more coal power in the coming years.

In fact, companies have plans to build at least 41 new coal-fired power plants in the next decade, according to The Japan Times. Japan has increasingly relied on coal power in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor meltdown.

“If all those plants are built, it will become a major obstacle for Japan’s 2030 target to cut emissions,” Yamamoto told Reuters.

Still they continue to express disappointment for America’s withdrawal? Really?

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