New Grooming Scandal Fears as Police Investigate Almost 200 Sex Crimes in One Small Town

Great Britain is turning up with several crimes involving Muslims, not just terrorist attacks.

Ploice are currently investigating almost 200 cases involving the sexual abuse of children. The town of Keighley is rather small with a population of 56,000 residents. 12,000 Muslims also reside in Keighley making them a large portion of the population. Grooming young children to be sexually abused by men has occurred here before and apparently is still happening.

Via Breitbart:

Officers have said they are investigating almost 200 cases of child sex abuse in Keighley, prompting fears of a ‘new Rochdale’ grooming gang in the small Yorkshire town.

West Yorkshire Police are reportedly investigating 179 new sex crimes involving 165 suspects in the small mill town, described as the nation’s ‘capital’ of child grooming.

Local MP, Conservative Kris Hopkins, has warned that the town is “top of the list” for ‘Asian’ grooming gangs targeting white children to be sexually abused.

Serious sexual abuse including the rape of vulnerable teenage girls took place in Rochdale between 2005 and 2013, with girls as young as 14 plied with vodka, threatened with violence and passed around men for sex.

Last year 12 men were jailed for more than 140 years between them for the abuse of one 13-year-old girl in Keighley, who the gang repeatedly raped over a period of 13 months — on one occasion five men “lining up” and taking it in turns to abuse her.

How can this be considered a “peaceful” religion when the crime rate for places with a large population of them is through the roof?


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