Muslims’ Plan For Total Takeover Is In Full Swing, How They Are Going About It Is More Disturbing Than We Thought

It’s a fact, Muslims are literally trying to take over the entire world one way or another.

Although most people are aware of the tactics used by radical islamists, such as beheading and terrorist attack, many are unaware of the silent sneak attack already occurring. This attack isn’t a violent public attack, instead it comes in the form of population.

By having as many children born into Muslim families as possible makes it easier for them to spread across the world and root themselves at every corner. Muslim men are known to have multiple wives all of whom are expected to bare him children. Within 20 years the number of children born to Muslim woman will surpass that of Christian woman by almost two times as many.

Via Freedom Daily:

According to a disturbing report from the Daily Mail, in 20 years, babies born to Muslim women worldwide will exceed Christian baby births according to a new study, which will make Islam the largest religion practiced by the end of the century. Conrad Hackett, the lead researcher on the study, told the Wall Street Journal that Christianity is “literally dying in Europe.”

Muslims are breeding like rats with 4 and 5 wives per family in some cases, meanwhile in America, we’re slaughtering our unborn, with almost 60 million abortions performed since Roe vs. Wade was passed back in 1973.

America was founded by Protestants escaping religious persecution from Catholics in England and across Europe. Muslims better believe that Americans are not about to go back to that way of life so they better prepare for a serious fight.

Sharia law isn’t and never will be America’s law. Accept it or get out of the country.


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