Marie Osmond Makes MAJOR Announcement About Trump Inauguration

Marie Osmond ripped into Hollywood celebrities refusing to honor Trump by playing at his inauguration.

“I think we should all support our president whether we’re happy or sad. This is America,” she said.

Osmond said she is willing to perform at Trump’s inauguration, if asked.  Saying, “America needs to support our president and unite behind him.”

“We should come together and I think an Inauguration should be a time to unite, it really should.”

Marie and her brother Donnie Osmond have played at multiple inaugural ceremonies including Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

Marie has 8 children and says her kids fall over the political spectrum and that she would never want them to feel a divide based on purely on political biases.

14 Comments on Marie Osmond Makes MAJOR Announcement About Trump Inauguration

  1. Its the whiny snowflakes, millennial’s that need safe space because words and the election results hurt their feelings.

  2. Of course she does !
    M = Misogynist
    O = Obnoxious
    R = Racist
    M = Malevolent
    O = Obtuse
    N = Narcissist

    Positive = consistently prevaricates.
    Above the law
    Cheater of American Taxpayer
    Absconder of University Funds
    Embarrassment of USA
    Each of Us.
    Liar,Cheater,Thief,Frighteningly Scary.
    Whomever,whatever you believe In.

    ps friends are Afraid to say anything negative. Literally. That Trump will target them. Still Free Speach, Still freedom of religion-or not.
    Personally, Dear God. Save us from this Beelzebulb Lucifer Incarnate. Mercy God.

    Royal Buffoon

  3. Jea Chase did you just sign that crap you wrote with Royal Bafoon? yupp sounds about right on your part, jeesh can u say anything without being completely negative smh, I love how anyone who is willing to be positive about Trump is called every awful name in the book and these people who talk like this are the worst kinds they always resort to bashing, it’s absolutely and utterly immature and pathetic.

  4. I appreciate Marie Osmond , along withToby Keith and Three Doors Down for having some pride in themselves and in this great nation. God Bless them, God bless America and pray he blesses all of us.

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