Liberal Media Silent in Wake of HUGE Victory against ISIS

Obama’s passive aggressive military strategy has thankfully come and gone. Now with a Republican is office the strategy is just aggressive and results are pouring in.

Not only was the Obama administration unsuccessful in creating order in the Middle East they are responsible for the rapid growth of terrorism. Leaving Iraq in chaos allowed for the rise of ISIS and now the entire world has suffered unjustified loss and violence.

Well enough is enough and President Trump is prepared to do what Obama could not. Defeat them. Most recently this has been a success in Mosul where aggressive actions by US and Iraqi security forces  has lead to liberation.

Via Allen B West:

Since Donald Trump took the reins as commander in chief, he’s made it known to Defense Secretary James Mattis (and the world, frankly) that the U.S. military should have free rein to do whatever is necessary to crush ISIS in its stronghold in Iraq (a stronghold made possible by the vacuum left by his predecessor, B. Hussein Obama).

During the Obama years, the U.S. seemed to have “unlearned” the concept of victory, and that the purpose of military action is to get a result: defeat of the enemy.

But thanks to aggressive action by coalition forces alongside Iraqi security forces, defeat of ISIS in Mosul appears to be at hand, but you won’t hear about this in the mainstream media. Instead you get this headline from the UK Independent: “Here in Iraq, Isis is being defeated – but with US policy in disarray, it doesn’t feel any safer.” Great. So we should just leave them there?

Just weeks ago (on June 22nd), it was reported that the al-Nuri mosque had been destroyed by ISIS themselves after significant territorial losses there, seeming to signify that the group was acknowledging their time in Mosul was limited.

Now, not long after the very mosque in which ISIS was declared a caliphate was turned into ruins, it’s being reported by Business Insider that ISIS holds nothing more than the length of a few football fields in Iraq’s second-largest city, according to New Zealand Army Brigadier Hugh McAslan, the deputy commanding general for land forces in Operation Inherent Resolve.

“In the last couple of weeks in particular, [Iraqi security forces] have made great progress in what has been a very difficult fight, in very difficult terrain,” McAslan told Business Insider from Baghdad in a Skype interview.

Four years of this aggressive military strategy will lead to the results this country is looking for. Add another four to that and America will be great once again.

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