Left Extremists Promise Grave Desecration during 154th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Battle

Militant left activists continue to prove they have no empathy when it comes to the fallen and their families.

Antifa is a left wing extreme activist group dedicated to their anti-fascist ideologies. Throughout the country this group has been seen protesting in a violent manner and now they have a new protest in the works. During the anniversary of the Gettysburg battle this activist group has promised to come and desecrate the graves with no regard to any living family members.

Via Breitbart:

During the first days of July, 154 years ago, a great battle was fought in and around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during our Civil War.

Today, as the anniversary approaches, members of the so-called “Antifa” movement are promising to “desecrate” the graves of those who fell in that fight and to mount protests as Americans gather to memorialize the battle.

Gettysburg has become a great attraction for Americans, many of whom troop there annually to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, a conflagration that is often termed the “high tide” of the civil war for turning the war in favor of the federal armies vying to end slavery and save the union.

But as the 154th-anniversary celebration gears up for the coming month, leftists are making plans for a battle of their own. Only they plan to fight against the country, to “desecrate” history, and to disrupt the thousands of Americans and foreign visitors who intend to honor our past.

What a callous way to make a statement. No respect or empathy from the leftist radicals apparently.

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