Islamic state speaker at North American Convention makes Terrifying Comments

Muslims in North America believe jihad is their ultimate responsibility.

Linda Sarsour spoke at the 54th annual North American Islamic State convention over the weekend and some pretty horrifying views regarding President Trump. As a Muslim Sarsour clearly despises Trumps travel ban regardless of the fact that it is NOT a Muslim ban. Therefore during her speech she implored her fellow Muslims to spend everyday outraged at President Trump and resort to Jihad whenever possible.

Via Allen B West:

Women’s March organizer and Sharia Law enthusiast Linda Sarsour was a speaker at the recent Islamic Society of North America 54th annual convention, which ended on July 3rd.
Speaking before the largest Muslim organization in North America (which itself has been the subject of no shortage of scrutiny), Sarsour spoke about her struggle against the Trump administration, which is apparently the latest form of Jihad.

“I hope that what we stand up against those who oppress our communities [after speaking of the travel ban], I hope that Allah will accept that as a form of Jihad.”

After that, Sarsour dives into the importance of why she believes the Muslim community needs to be perpetually outraged every single day (because Trump is president, of course), and then discourages them from assimilating.

Basically she calls for rebellion against the country that they reside in. Muslims who don’t wish to assimilate are welcome to migrate elsewhere.

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