ISIS Slaughters Filipino Villagers Who Could Not Recite Muslim Prayer

ISIS continues to terrorize and murder non Muslims on a global scale.

Every major religion throughout the world has accepted that a person has the right to believe in whatever God they choose to, stay out of our business and we will stay out of yours. That goes for everyone but Islam who still to this day believe that anyone who doesn’t bow to Sharia Law should die.

Via Gateway Pundit:

ISIS militants slaughtered Filipinos in Marawi who could not recite Islamic prayer according to sources.

The death toll rose to 100 in the besieged city after Muslim militants stormed the city last week.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported, via Religion of Peace:

Extremists allied with Islamic State are believed to have executed Filipinos in a besieged southern city of the Philippines because they could not cite Islamic prayers, as the death toll from six days of fighting rose to 100, with dozens wounded.

The bodies of eight men, most of them shot in the head with their hands tied behind their backs, have been found on the outskirts of Marawi, 830 kilometres south of Manila.

What a completely peaceful religion, NOT!

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