Illegal Activity Results in 35 Muslim Store Owner Arrests, but There’s More

Small business loans for the average American citizen are not easy to come by, Muslim refugees in the other hand…

Recently 35 Muslim store owners were arrested for conducting illegal purchases with the money earned from their stores. Although democrats denied this to be a Muslim focused raid the released names speak volumes. However the more troubling matter is how is it that these refugees can afford to open their own businesses in a country where Americans struggle to do the very same thing? Taxpayers money and the orders of Barack Obama, that’s how.

 To The Death Media:

Almost every single name on the list was that of a Muslim coming from a Middle Eastern background. Nearly every single person on the list was either an immigrant or a refugee. This raises the question… where did these people get the money to open their own business? A huge percentage of hard-working Americans can barely put food on the table, let alone scrape the money together to open up their own business.

100 Percent Fed Up made the comment:

Think about it…A family (see list below) our government imported gets together with others and buys a store with American taxpayer money….Why can’t our government give loans like this to Americans? They don’t even track the money…they’re just giving out our money without any record of how it’s used. Unreal!

It’s about time Americans get to use American taxpayers money, not immigrants!

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