North Korea is severely under equipped to mess with America.

After witnessing the seriously old school military equipment the North Korean army sported during Kim Jung-un birthday celebration I highly doubt we have anything to worry about.

Via Top Secret Leaks:

the communist Kim Jong-un is testing our new president, Donald Trump. He knew that Obama was all talk and no action but what happens when Donald Trump proves to be all action? Jong-un has already gotten a taste of what kind of man the president is after hearing about the missile attacks in Syria and on ISIS. North Korea is next if they don’t heed the president’s warning. But what will happen if North Korea gets pushed to the point of actually launching a nuclear missile?

From Conservative Tribune:

If North Korea does manage to launch a missile or even multiple missiles, various systems would go into action to try to destroy them they can reach any targets. The U.S. has ground-based midcourse defense systems, intended to intercept any incoming ballistic warheads while they are still in space. These systems have been placed in both Fort Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

U.S. allies South Korea and Japan also have tiered missile defense systems, as well as the support of high-tech U.S. warships, according to The Daily Caller. After North Korea fired four missiles into the Sea of Japan in early March 2017, the U.S. began the process of deploying a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery to South Korea, the BBC reported.

Known as THAAD, this defense mechanism employs kinetic energy to destroy short and medium-range ballistic missiles near the end of the missile’s flight. It has a range of more than 650,000 feet and can reach an altitude of more than 492,000 feet.

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North Korea must be insane if they really think they stand a chance in a fight against America and our allies.

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