Fox News Cancels Conservative Show

Clearly, Fox News would rather bow down to Liberals than fight for being an honest unbiased news outlet.

Shortly after removing Bill O’Reilly from the payroll Fox News removed another show that only saw a two episode lifespan. “You the Jury” was an interactive show where Judge Jeanine Pirro would lay out the case and viewers would message in a guilty or not guilty verdict.

Via World News Politics:

The IRJ is reporting that when fans of the new Fox television series “You the Jury” with Judge Pirro sat down to watch the third episode Friday evening what they got was a rerun of “Lethal Weapon.”

The new controversial reality court series, “You the Jury,” first premiered on Friday, April 7.

The premise has Judge Pirro laying out a case and viewers vote on the guilt or innocence.

The Fox network had been promoting the third episode of “You the Jury,” which was to feature the story of a pizzeria in Indiana that refused to cater for a same sex wedding.

Fans were curious when the show did not air.

Anyone know why Comcast is showing Lethal Weapon in @YouTheJuryFOX‘s timeslot tonight? #youthejury @FOXTV

— Kallizm (@Kallizm) April 22, 2017

@FOXTV @JudgeJeanine Was @YouTheJuryFOX canceled? Or was tonight’s episode just rescheduled? #YouTheJury

— Marc (@ODedOnRealityTV) April 21, 2017

The network did not say if the show has been permanently canceled or if this is just a temporary replacement.

Fox News is looking really liberal lately.


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