Drunk Guy Walks Up To Stranger And Throws A Punch. Finds Out He’s A Trained Fighter [video]

Epic knockout delivered to one drunken idiot will have you in tears.

John Hernholm is a bouncer at a bar located in Johnson city, Tennessee and has a video posted of him handling business when one drunken customer gets out of hand. The customer in question goes by the name of Cory and is apparently a member of a fraternity which is obvious when he decided to bro out by taking off his shirt and stepping to the very large bouncer.

Unfortunately for Cory, Hernholm happens to be an MMA fighter that holds an amateur record of 5-0 and a professional record of 1-0. Needless to say, things do not end well for this Cory fellow.

Via AWM:

When the camera phone video starts, the punk has already ripped off his shirt and is strutting across the street toward the bouncer. He lifts his arms and shouts something, clearly engaging the man in a fight.

At this point, you can see Hernholm’s response. He moves his head – ever so subtly – as if to indicate that he now knows this guy wants to fight. And he isn’t going to bother going nicely on a punk who is eager for a fight.

Watch Here:

This is why some people should just avoid alcohol altogether.

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