Montana Democrats vote in favor of Sharia Law in order to ‘better understand it.’

America was founded for the sole purpose of religious freedom, everything else came after. Protestants in England came to America because Catholics were trying to rule everyone and convert them. Now hundreds of years later America is once again feeling pressure from a single religion. Only this time it’s not catholicism. Instead, Islam is trying to take over America this time around.

Democrats and Muslims are taking freedom of religion as far as they can while limiting what Christians are allowed to do. Doesn’t the constitution protect all religions from scrutiny? Why is it then that the lord’s prayer is being shamed? Now Jesus is a forbidden image in public school, isn’t that a right American’s who believe in Jesus should have?

Via Top Secret Info Dump:

Montana Republicans passed Senate Bill 97 simply to ban the application of foreign law in Montana’s courts.

This sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?  Not to Montana Democrats whose 44 senators voted in a bloc against protecting non-Muslim Montanans.

The reason for Democrats’ objection is even worse once you hear why than it appears on its face.  Their objection primarily focused on Sharia Law.

With more than 51% of Muslims living in the United States favoring Sharia law, we should know exactly what Sharia law is.

Wow really? If you want to know what Sharia Law really looks like, take a look at the war-torn, terrorist filled countries in the Middle East and you’ll have your answer.


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