Deadly London Tower Fire Fueled By ‘Green Energy’ Rule

Environmentalists are silent in the wake of a devastating fire in London that was intensified tenfold due to energy restrictions.

Climate change and global warming are all the rage amongst the green energy tree huggers of the world. Green energy restrictions have been implemented in countries such as Great Britain in order to minimize pollution levels. London’s Grenfell Tower fire engulfed the entire building within moments due to an exterior wall placed over another pre-existing exterior wall in order to meet government “green energy” requirements.

Via Daily Caller:

London’s Grenfell Tower was made worse by government “green energy requirements” that allowed fire to rapidly engulf the building Wednesday, leaving at least 17 people dead and scores more wounded or missing.

While it’s unknown what sparked the fire, experts say that the cladding, or exterior insulation, created a chimney effect through which the fire rapidly spread upwards. The cladding was added to Grenfell’s exterior in 2015 as part of a $12.8 million retrofit.

“I have never seen a fire that has engulfed an entire building like this in a career of more than 30 years,” Matt Wrack, who heads the Fire Brigades Union, told The Telegraph.

Has the protection of the environment surpassed that of humans? Certainly seems that way now doesn’t it?


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