China Sends Brutal Message To Kim Jong-Un

North Korea just got smacked down by big brother China.

North Korea has been acting completely ridiculous and is clearly testing President Trump’s new authority. China happens to be an ally of North Korea and definitely has the last say in what they will allow the country to get away with. President Trump decided to go visit the President of China and have a little conversation about what would happen if China didn’t step in and end this nonsense. Well, the message was received loud and clear and China has decided to heed the warning.

Via Joe For America:

When President Trump recently visited with the President of China, Xi Jinping, he made it perfectly clear if China didn’t take care of the ‘problem’, Trump would. Well, it looks like China is stepping up to the plate.

In the unofficial mouthpiece of the China’s Communist Party, ‘The Global Times’ a recent statement suggests if North Korea so much as tries to launch or ‘test’ another ballistic missile, North Korea will ‘suffer the consequences’. In fact, it basically said the game of chicken is coming to an end and it will not be pretty for North Korea. In fact, the article stated that once Kim Jong-Un sends off another ballistic missile, the U.S. would respond. Then, North Korea’s regime would make a life-or-death decision and the U.S. would ‘play them like a fiddle’.

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President Trump means business and all foreign countries need to take note.

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