Campus crybabies: Yale students start “hunger strike” with one INSANE caveat…

Wow, millennial liberals protest some most ridiculous things.

Although history supports the fact that liberals will protest just about anything that has a conservative vibe it also shows that the subjects that were being protested at least had some substance. Liberal activists at the college level nowadays only protest ridiculous subjects in order to be noticed. It’s all a big publicity stunt in order to get some air time and persuade the weak minded to agree with them.

Some of these ridiculous subjects involve protesting statues of our founding fathers because they are ‘racist.’ Now the newest item to join the ‘racist’ list: Cafeteria food…

Via Allen B West:

While campus protesters in prior generations protested for civil rights, free speech, against apartheid, and against war, that generation must be turning in their graves after seeing what passes for activism today. Perhaps the most outrageous causes of today’s campus crazies include protesting “offensive” Halloween costumes, de-platforming any college speaker who has even a single controversial view, protesting the presence of statues of historical figures on campus (including Thomas Jefferson – the HORROR!), and “racist cafeteria food.”

Not only have the causes been dumbed-down – so have the tactics. According to reporting by the Washington Free Beacon, the latest protest strategy is nothing more than an old-fashioned hunger strike – except you can eat.

A group of Yale University graduate students announced Tuesday evening that they would be undertaking a hunger strike to pressure the administration into granting them better union benefits. The strike is taking place in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home.

“Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait … until we give up and go away,” the eight members of the graduate student union Local 33 announced. “We have committed ourselves to waiting without eating.”

Yale doctoral students currently earn a stipend of $30,000 a year, receive free health care, and have their $40,000 tuition paid in full, according to Yale News.  The university administration said in a statement that they understood the student’s concerns, but “strongly [urge] that students not put their health at risk or encourage others to do so.”

Hey if they want to starve themselves for some over entitled BS that’s their choice and honestly the world would keep turning without them.


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