California Budget Proposal Includes Millions For Illegal Immigrant Legal Defense

California politicians are completely delusional if they think this is going to fly.

Every state presents the President with a budget plan for the upcoming year that includes necessary funds to maintain state roads and projects voted on by the people. However the President holds the final say on exactly which parts of the budget will be approved and federally funded. California has completely disobeyed President Trump when it came to his executive order regarding illegal immigrants residing in the country and threatened to be a sanctuary state. Now they honestly think Trump will approve 33 million for the defense of such people? Wow, really?

Via Daily Caller:

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal includes tens of millions of dollars for the legal defense of illegal immigrants.

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that the budget would include a total of $33 million in state government assistance to illegal immigrants.

These funds, however, are not enough for some Democrats in the state who seek to launch new programs. Democratic legislators have proposed three separate bills that impact legal training, start a legal defense program and increase counsel for deported veterans. These proposals add up to more than $26 million.

Why would America tax money go to the support of people who don’t actually pay any taxes and prefer to send any money earned out of the country to where they actually belong?


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