BUSTED: CNN Creates #FakeNews in London Following Terror Attacks, Stages Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters

CNN is the leader of the fake news media scandal.

Fake news is all the rage these days because liberals can’t find any worthy stories that don’t make them look bad. Therefore CNN staged a photo op in London depicting Muslims coming out to support the victims and condemn ISIS.

Via Gateway Pundit:

A video released a day after the Islamic terror attacks in London show a CNN crew staging a scene with Muslims holding signs saying “ISIS Will Lose”.

CNN’s Abu Dhabi Managing Editor, Becky Anderson’s original video was posted to her official Twitter account where she called the London terrorists a ‘handful of twisted fools hell-bent on taking lives’.

Below is a video of the behind-the-scenes work CNN did to stage the photo-op with Muslims holding up signs that read, ‘ISIS WILL LOSE’.

Watch Here:

Snowflakes still believe CNN is a reliable news source but in reality they just make up whatever they want in order to make a story.

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