After Three Presidents Tried and Failed, Trump Gets China to Act on North Korea

No one believed that Trump had the ability to be a successful President and he is proving them all wrong left and right.

Having only been in office for a few months Trump has managed to improve the economy by forcing companies that outsource to take a second look after he placed an outsourcing tax of the facilities operating outside the US which in turn improved the job market by creating thousands of new jobs.

Things are looking pretty good at home so Trump has moved his sights on to foreign matters such as the petulant child known as Kim Jong-Un, President of North Korea. Prior to Donald Trump’s inauguration, three other Presidents have attempted to manage North Korea via their alliance with China having little to no success. Now that has all changed as President Trump is the first to persuade China to step in and handle the situation or we will. Apparently, Trump’s threat was much more convincing than that of his predecessors.

Via IJR:

Last week, Trump has once again proven his critics wrong and his strength has led to yet another foreign policy victory.

Once in office, the president warned North Korea that he would not tolerate the development of a nuclear- capable missile. This was the typical policy line taken by the Clinton administration, but unlike past presidents, Trump went a step further by threatening force. He also did so after ordering a cruise missile strike against Syrian military targets after it used chemical weapons against civilians, crossing the red line that President Obama had set and then failed to enforce (his most embarrassing moment, in retrospect.)

With that, the U.S. regained its credibility and restored our faith in deterrence. Trump’s decision to back up red line positions with force left many stunned and put the world on notice that after eight years of a feckless foreign policy, the U.S. now means what it says.

This was not lost on the most important international actor when it comes to North Korea: China. China is North Korea’s largest trading partner and the only nation that really has the ability to bring North Korea to its knees. After years of inaction, China immediately responded to Trump’s actions and words by cutting off North Korean coal imports and canceling airline travel between Beijing and Pyongyang.

 BOOM liberals! How do you like them apples? Don’t always judge a book by it’s cover or you might end up with a billionaire President putting politicians to shame.

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