Aetna Completely Drops Out of All Obamacare Exchanges

ObamaCare continues to spiral down taking the country’s health with it.

Barak Obama promised so many things while presenting ObamaCare to the country. If you like your provider keep them, lie. If you like your coverage keep it, lie. Now the third largest insurance provider has dropped out. Basically all over the country the options are few to nonexistent.

Via Breitbart:

Aetna said late Wednesday that it won’t sell individual coverage next year in its two remaining states — Nebraska and Delaware — after projecting a $200 million loss this year. It had already dropped Iowa and Virginia for next year. The insurer once sold the coverage in 15 states, but slashed that to four after losing about $450 million in 2016.

About 12 million people bought coverage for this year on the exchanges, and every market had at least one insurer offering coverage. But a growing number were down to one.

Companies are in the middle of figuring out their prices and coverage plans for next year, and insurance experts expect some holes to develop in those marketplaces.

The federal law prevents insurers from rejecting patients based on their health, so if competitors pull out, the last insurer may be left covering all the high-cost patients in that market.

ObamaCare was a complete sham from the beginning and has ruined the economy.

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