ABC Cancels Conservative Tim Allen Sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’ Despite Strong Ratings

ABC is proving they are truly a liberal tv network that will be going out of business with moronic moves like this.

Last Man Standing is a highly viewed TV show about a Conservative business owner, the show has strong ratings and a loyal following so naturally ABC decided to cancel the show.

After six seasons running strong ABC and 20th Century Fox pulled the plug to the surprise and dismay of fans across the country.

Mark @MarkDucker109

@ABCNetwork cancelled Last Man Standing for politics. You just lost a viewer for all of your shows. No ABC in my home.

Last Man Standings main actor Tim Allen also happens to be a Conservative who openly supports President Trump but has mentioned the necessary caution of discussing politics in liberal Hollywood.

Via Breitbart:

ABC and production partner 20th Century Fox TV had reportedly usually negotiated over licensing fees for the comedy series before each season; this time, according to Deadline, there was no negotiation, and the network simply pulled the plug on the show.

Allen himself is also conservative, and has in the past expressed support for President Donald Trump. In March, the actor told Jimmy Kimmel he had attended Trump’s inauguration and that conservatives in Hollywood need to be “real careful” when discussing their political beliefs.

The show’s cancellation appeared to come as a surprise to fans, as its ratings had reportedly been solid, as Daily Wire’s John Nolte noted. Last Man Standing averaged 6.4 million viewers in its final season and a 1.2 rating amongst adults 18-49, strong numbers for a Friday night comedy. But Deadline also notes that Last Man Standing was down just 5 percent this season, a stellar result when compared with other shows were generally down by as much as 20-30 percent. The show was also reportedly performing extraordinarily well in syndication.

Removing one of your top rated shows is clearly not a decision based of necessity.


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